Short Hairstyles for Men with Long Face

Many men do like to try out various hair styles and like women they too like to experiment with a number of hairdos. While a perfect hair style can add that additional glamour and charm to your face, a wrong haircut which does not suit your face can ruin the complete look. As the saying goes that one needs to dress as per the personality, the same also applies to the hair style.

In this article today we bring in some spectacular short hair styles which are ideal for men who have a long face. These short hairstyles will certainly help to balance your facial features.

The Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut Hairstyle

If you have a long and an angular face and if you wish to make it look fuller, then the buzz cut is the best hair style you can follow. This hair style is very easy to maintain and you can as well try out various variations which can be imitated. This can also be implemented with short and thick hair, so try it out.

The Textured and Slicked back Hair

Textured and Slicked back Hair

Men who are not able to get to a good hair style due to long face should never try anything that would the hair stand up. Men can try slicked back pushes from the sides and the top and has to be combed towards the back. This helps in creating an illusion of wider face. You can even add the needed texture and thickness by trying to rough your hair a bit.

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The Side Part Sophisticated

Side Part Sophisticated Hair

This hair style is very much similar to the slick backed, where the side hair is close to head and thus makes the head look long and this is very popular with celebs as it is known to be classy and timeless. Men can use hair gel, and swipe the hair using the comb to one side and the rest in the opposite direction. The hair partition can be chosen as per your preference.

The Layered Bangs Hairstyle

Layered Bangs Hairstyle

Bangs are ideal for men who have long face as the hair helps to cover a part of the face so that it appears shorter. Later it also provides the depth and texture which most of them look for. This is one hair style if done well will provide quite an attractive look on some of the men.

The above mentioned are some of the best short hairstyles for Men which can be tried by those who have a long face. Do give them a try and let us know how the outcome was.

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