Gareth Bale Hairstyle and Haircut 2016

Gareth Bale Hairstyle: A Football player or a Fashion Enthusiast?

Football has been embraced by a lot of talented and good-looking players but Gareth Bale is one of those who rank higher on the list. Gareth Bale is someone with a huge fan following; he has played a good number of games and has scored fairly well.

Gareth Bale Hairstyle has also won him a lot of fans; here’s more about it:

The Side Trim Hair

Gareth Bale has impressed the world by his side parting; his not only good with ball on the floor but also very impressive with his exquisite hairstyles.

Gareth Bale Short Hairstyle

The strong built and the impressive hairstyle: Gareth Bale is not someone with single talent he has a multidimensional personality. If you do not like his game then he will impress you with overall charming personality with impressive hairstyle. There’s more to Gareth Bale than his game.

Gareth Bale Long Hairstyle

Gareth Bale Long Hairstyle
Though Gareth Bale is mostly found with short hair but there have been a time when he has dared to keep long hair and has done fairly well. Gareth Bale is someone who finds a loyal audience among girls.

Gareth Bale has also dared the act of keeping ponytails and we will not shy away in rating him 5 out of 5 for it.

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