How to Cut Your Own Hair Short

Many men often wish to try to cut their hair short all by themselves. While it is not a hard task to do, even a small mistake can end up in a disaster. So, we bring in some of those tips which can help to cut your hair short all by yourself and that too with ease.

Firstly, decide on the kind of look you want. Even though you prefer short hair, you can cut your hair based on the kind of hair style you wish to have. Then choose the right pair of scissors to cut your hair. Use those that are thin and pointed as they are kind of one’s which many of the barbers use. But if you do not feel comfortable with the same, try using shorter blade scissors.

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Then get a comb which has a fine tooth. Once all these are ready wet your hair well. You can as well as wash your hair and dry it till it is damp or you can even use a spray and just wet it instead of washing it.

Comfortably position yourself in front of a mirror as you can see how things are going ahead. Part your hair into various sections and then go ahead with your hair cut.

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