Amazing Comb over Fade Hairstyle and Haircut Ideas for Men

Comb over Fade Hairstyle and Haircut

A comb over is a haircut that men when bald or in the process of being bald generally wear. In Comb over haircut, long hair is combed over those areas where growth is minimum to supress the evidence of baldness. Comb over hairstyle projects a classic look that has been popular since earlier times and professional hairstylists guarantee its success if combined with fade hairstyles to give it a fashionable and sophisticated looks.

Comb Over Fade Hairstyle

Comb Over Fade Haircut

Hair is an integral part of grooming and to make an impression at first glance it is necessary to select a haircut that will provide necessary image of urbane and classy look. Comb over Fade haircuts are popular and fashionable and gives an assurance of smart and cool look.

How To Achieve A Comb Over Fade Haircut

Combining Fade hairstyle with Comb over has been the best part of creative trend as it has been able to maintain both appeal and charisma through these styles. In order to accomplish these craved haircuts first step is start clipping at the sides of head. This must be a gradual progression with short and clipped hair at sides to a fuller top.

Several Comb Over Fade Hairstyles

Following are some of Fade Comb over haircut to create a dazzling look for men:-

  • Comb over Waves appearance has long hair at top with spiked and short hair at sides. The uppercut rests in layers and luxuriant waves at one side that highlights the undercut low-Fade.
  • Comb over Fades is possible by trimming the undercut with electric clippers. It is a difficult style and requires precision to accomplish the exact cut. Comb over high fade is an extended process where shaving Fade undercuts in gradations repeatedly is necessary from uppercut to hairline to acquire the précised style.
  • Scissors only Fade is a style that is possible with help of scissors only. Shaving is not an option in case of Scissor over Comb Technique and although it is a time-consuming cut but the result is neat, stylish and awesome.
  • A very short fade involves short back and sides comb over and are perfect for those men who want to visit a salon at minimum times. In this style, one can also leave a little hair on top to give it a trendier look. Men’s Short Comb over is neater and stylish and looks apt on men who desires low maintenance and well-cared look
  • Men who want to go for an ultra-modern look can opt for Pompadour Comb over fade style.

In this cut, men have a Pompadour on top and severely clipped sides to provide required look.

  • In order to attain Comb over Fade Taper look with artistic precision one has to visit a trained hair stylist. This style suits best with shaved undercut and some men prefer to color the tapered look in parts.

How to do a comb over men is a regular question and the answer is simple. One can visit a qualified hairstylist to achieve this confident and cool appearance because professional touch is necessary to provide the required sexy and irresistible look.

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